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National Homelessness conference 2014

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Training and Seminars
The Session - Sanctions, Claimant Commitments & JSA Homeless Easement

A session held in conjunction with DWP to look at what Sanctions, Claimant Commitments and JSA Homeless Easements entail, how they should be working and how to help Clamaints with these. 

There will also be the opportunity to look at any current issues around these, with DWP.  The sessions are to improve knowledge, as well as look at how improvements can be made for the future.

Session dates:

  • Glasgow:  Thursday 27th November
  • Edinburgh:  Tuesday 16th December
  • Ayr:  Thursday 22nd January
  • Aberdeen:  Friday 30th January

Each session will run from 10.30am to 2.30pm, and includes lunch.

Members £50 / Non-Members £65

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